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Become a member of IGL, the union for all in aviation.

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Become a member of IGL, the union for all in aviation.

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Do things better.
Do things differently!

It is time to replace ver.di. This continuous “negotiating” of settling collective agreements has been going on for too long. Employers only have a passive interest in unions: After the Aviation Industry Union (IGL) was formed and invited to negotiations in autumn 2015, suddenly no one wanted to hear from us, as they were happily snuggled up with ver.di. So we have to make sure no one slips us by.
Whole areas and businesses in aviation even now are not tarrifed: Germania, SunExpress, Ryanair, Condor Technik, Germanwings ground staff and many more. The disinterest from ver.di regarding the Lufthansa Group, resulted in the closure of local stations in Cologne, Norderstedt and the Kassel Call Centre. Fraport is threatening one outsourcing after another.

Security staff, shift workers on the ground, administration, logistics or catering:
We must not stand for the changes in our working conditions!

We have to make improvements for everyone using intelligent solutions. If it comes down to it, with all the means at our disposal.
To achieve our goals, the IGL has separate spheres for each profession to allow committed groups and individuals to maintain their expertise and independence and act purposefully. Work unions and local company lists are supported by the IGL through specialised personnel and resources.
We have a network in place to advance your interests and achieve success. The job of the union must be felt once again.
Finally, we will push political lobbying and legislative initiatives forward in our field.
The idea behind our union is based on successful craft unions such as UFO, VC, GdF, Marburger Bund or GDL. Hence each group will represent themselves in the IGL. Since the day we were founded, we have drawn on extensive experience in bargaining and aviation tariff policies.
Experienced negotiators at UFO work alongside colleagues from different areas of our industry: technology, air traffic control, ground handling services, administration and many more to come.
With our combined experience, we can confidently say to ver.di and our employers “There is a better way!”

Join IGL and
get many membership benefits :

However, IGL membership fees are not only used for excellent negotiations. We offer you many membership benefits that help and save lots of money. These are continuously being extended and improved.
The membership fee is 1% of your base salary and is fully tax deductible which allows you to get even more out of your membership. Also, membership for those on an income of up to 1,800 EUR (full-time) is only 0.5% of their gross income.


We are glad you would like to become a member under the statute of the IGL e.V. Just fill out the online application form. ( • required)
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The statutory contribution to the IGL is 1% of the gross basic salary; for a monthly gross income under 1,800 EUR (full-time) it is just 0.5%.
SEPA direct debit mandate:
I hereby authorise IGL e.V. to charge payments to my account by means of direct debit. I further instruct my credit institution to release from my account the amount debited by IGL e.V.. Note: I may request a refund for the debited amount within eight weeks of the debit date. In this case the contractual conditions of my credit insitution shall apply.
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The personal information collected with this membership form and any changes and amendments to this data shall be collected, processed and used in strict accordance with § 28 para. 9 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). This information shall serve the purpose of establishing and managing your membership. Data shall only be shared with third parties in the context of this purpose and only insofar as this has been authorised or instructed by IGL e.V. or obligated under the Federal Data Protection Act. In addition to this, any amendments to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act shall also apply.
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